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I ran out of picture space and am trying out the new and improved blogger so you can find me at:  http://dogquilterknitsandquilts.blogspot.com/



I finally got the DJINNI in a bottle socks blocked!  They have been off the needles for a while now but I wanted to wait to block them until I got my new smaller sock blockers which came while I was on vacation.  The only thing I wish I would have done differently is to add one more set of repeats to the leg.  I had plenty of yarn so that wouldn’t have been an issue.  I used Knit Picks Palette colorway C726.

Bunny Ear Blanket for Addison Nicole

I finally finished the Bunny Ear Blanket using Baby Bee Sweet Delight in pink camouflage for my newest niece Addison Nicole.  She was born May 24, 2012 and I finished her blanket May 25 – I’m glad she’s a baby and doesn’t realize her aunt was lame and didn’t have her blanket finished before she was born.  Now I have to get it and some other things boxed up and mailed to her.  Congratulations to Dallas & Cody Burks – Addy’s parents!! 

Baby Girl Blanket


Well I started out making a baby boy blanket in blue camo yarn with a matching blue in a DROPS 19-6 pattern.  However the baby shower started at 7pm and my friend Shelley was sewing in the ends for me as I was getting dressed at 6:45pm so needless to say I totally forgot to take pictures of the blanket – can you say *argh*

Well my next opportunity was the following week and I did get pictures of the pink baby girl blanket.  The pattern for the body was Bunny Ear Blanket but I was afraid I wasn’t going to be able to get the blanket finished in time so I did one round of double crochet fans around the entire edging and then a final round of treble crochet around the entire edge.  I do plan to make a pink camo Bunny Ear Blanket following the original pattern next.

I’ve also finished the Whisper Lace Socks and they are currently drying so no pics yet.

Hedera Socks

These are Hedera knitted in OnLine Supersock Cotton Beach.  I broke down and ordered a pair of sock blockers so these are my first pair modeled on the blockers instead of my feet 🙂  I’ve since gone through and blocked most of my socks since I like the way they look when blocked.  Oh and yes that is my orange bath poof in the background 😀

My First Shur’tugals and Menehune Cobblestone


In the seemingly never-ending task of destashing yarn by knitting it up, I have completed 2 more pairs of socks.  Of course I still have leftover yarn from each and one day will make a pair of crazy socks out of the remaining yarns – should be interesting if not totally weird.  First pair up is my first try at Shur-tugals inspired by Turtlegirl  who has made 3 pairs in yummy yarn and has memorized the pattern (me memorize – yeah those days are so over). I used stashed Regia yarn in grey.  It is really hard to see the pattern but they really are super cute!

The second pair of socks up was a Crystal Palace Pattern called Menehune Cobblestone and here on Ravelry. Again I used an already stashed yarn called Opal Zwerger Garn in Crazy. It well lives up to its name in the crazy color and pattern. I intentionally never try to start socks in the same place so they are not exactly alike. I love matchy matchy but am not interested in having my socks look identical. It’s my thing – my husband on the other hand will probably go crazy when I wear these because they don’t look identical.  Dual purpose effected – I get to be different and drive him crazy all at the same time – it’s a win win situation 🙂

I’ve started another pair – further destashing – called Hedera.  Socks are fun!!

Valentine’s Art & another pair of socks



For Valentine’s Day I scrapbooked some photos of us as children and as adults and framed it for my husband. He loved it and it’s on his bookshelf in his office.

I also finished the sock pattern Duckies and here on Ravelry in a cream colored wool.  I made them a little larger than I usually do so they don’t fit as snug and I think I like this better.

I’ve started my first pair of Shur’tugal socks which Turtlegirl inspired me to try (she has done several and they were all gorgeous!!).  I am really having to pay attention with this pattern 🙂

Wildflower Socks


The other day my husband, Doug, asked me just how many socks I needed to make for myself and was I done yet?  Humph.  This coming from a man with a GINORMOUS drawer full of white, dress and camping socks mind you.  For those who have never made their own socks or wouldn’t consider trying I can understand this statement especially when for $9.99 you can get a pack of 10+ socks at the neighborhood Walmart.

For those who have never worn handmade socks, I feel sorry for you.  They are so much nicer, prettier, can be fitted to your foot, you can pick your own pattern, yarn, color, the advantages go on and on.  Some do need to be handwashed but most yarn makers have come out with sock yarns that can go into the machine (although I still handwash these too).  The prices are higher but most of the sock yarns are wool or wool blends or specialty yarns and you can sometimes find sock yarns at sale prices which is a good time to stock up on them.  Anyway I will not quit making socks anytime soon unless I become impaired in the hands.  There are too many patterns out there to make that are way prettier than anything I could ever find in any chain store.

These are my newest finished socks.  The pattern is Wildflower Socks and the Ravelry link  made with Knit Picks Memories 100% Merino Wool in colorway Redwood Forest.  These are my new favorites!  I love the pattern and the color is very similar to the one in the original pattern.  

Wilbur wanted to be part of the picture taking too.

Dominic’s Baby Book



I couldn’t post this before Christmas since it was a present so I’m sharing it with you now.  Dominic is our newest grandson and was born back in September.  His daddy is our son, Joe and his momma is Jenn who loves handmade things.  In recent years our family has worked on accumulating old photos and trying to get pictures for everyone (cd’s have made this so much easier).  Anyway since most families wind up splitting up photos and not everyone gets a pic of uncle fill in the blank, I wanted Dominic to have his own photo album that included pictures of his momma & daddy all for his very own.  Of course this ups the bar for future babies born in the family (my daughter pointed this one out to me when she said ‘are you going to make one of these for all the children that are born in the future?’ –  she’s such a treasure) and I’ve made back pics of Joe and Jenn but will have to start from scratch for Tim, Douglas, Mike & Kate.  There were a lot of hours put into this project from chosing pics, downloading them, ordering prints & then mounting them but it was a lot of fun and the final product really pleased me and momma Jenn!  She will finish the book as years go along but she’s got a good start to jump off from.