The other day my husband, Doug, asked me just how many socks I needed to make for myself and was I done yet?  Humph.  This coming from a man with a GINORMOUS drawer full of white, dress and camping socks mind you.  For those who have never made their own socks or wouldn’t consider trying I can understand this statement especially when for $9.99 you can get a pack of 10+ socks at the neighborhood Walmart.

For those who have never worn handmade socks, I feel sorry for you.  They are so much nicer, prettier, can be fitted to your foot, you can pick your own pattern, yarn, color, the advantages go on and on.  Some do need to be handwashed but most yarn makers have come out with sock yarns that can go into the machine (although I still handwash these too).  The prices are higher but most of the sock yarns are wool or wool blends or specialty yarns and you can sometimes find sock yarns at sale prices which is a good time to stock up on them.  Anyway I will not quit making socks anytime soon unless I become impaired in the hands.  There are too many patterns out there to make that are way prettier than anything I could ever find in any chain store.

These are my newest finished socks.  The pattern is Wildflower Socks and the Ravelry link  made with Knit Picks Memories 100% Merino Wool in colorway Redwood Forest.  These are my new favorites!  I love the pattern and the color is very similar to the one in the original pattern.  

Wilbur wanted to be part of the picture taking too.