In the seemingly never-ending task of destashing yarn by knitting it up, I have completed 2 more pairs of socks.  Of course I still have leftover yarn from each and one day will make a pair of crazy socks out of the remaining yarns – should be interesting if not totally weird.  First pair up is my first try at Shur-tugals inspired by Turtlegirl  who has made 3 pairs in yummy yarn and has memorized the pattern (me memorize – yeah those days are so over). I used stashed Regia yarn in grey.  It is really hard to see the pattern but they really are super cute!

The second pair of socks up was a Crystal Palace Pattern called Menehune Cobblestone and here on Ravelry. Again I used an already stashed yarn called Opal Zwerger Garn in Crazy. It well lives up to its name in the crazy color and pattern. I intentionally never try to start socks in the same place so they are not exactly alike. I love matchy matchy but am not interested in having my socks look identical. It’s my thing – my husband on the other hand will probably go crazy when I wear these because they don’t look identical.  Dual purpose effected – I get to be different and drive him crazy all at the same time – it’s a win win situation 🙂

I’ve started another pair – further destashing – called Hedera.  Socks are fun!!