I couldn’t post this before Christmas since it was a present so I’m sharing it with you now.  Dominic is our newest grandson and was born back in September.  His daddy is our son, Joe and his momma is Jenn who loves handmade things.  In recent years our family has worked on accumulating old photos and trying to get pictures for everyone (cd’s have made this so much easier).  Anyway since most families wind up splitting up photos and not everyone gets a pic of uncle fill in the blank, I wanted Dominic to have his own photo album that included pictures of his momma & daddy all for his very own.  Of course this ups the bar for future babies born in the family (my daughter pointed this one out to me when she said ‘are you going to make one of these for all the children that are born in the future?’ –  she’s such a treasure) and I’ve made back pics of Joe and Jenn but will have to start from scratch for Tim, Douglas, Mike & Kate.  There were a lot of hours put into this project from chosing pics, downloading them, ordering prints & then mounting them but it was a lot of fun and the final product really pleased me and momma Jenn!  She will finish the book as years go along but she’s got a good start to jump off from.