I am a follower of Turtlegirl and she has been working on socks lately and has inspired me to knit socks again (that and the fact that it’s been cold off and on and I had to give up the flops for winter).  Sooooo I started a pair of socks!

I am knitting them using Wise Hilda’s Basic Ribbed Sock pattern and Opal yarn which is written entirely in German (the yarn not the pattern – i’d really be in a bind then). I’m assuming (here again I shall be careful because we all know what they say about assuming) that either the Farbe 3704 or the Partie 2 is the color # and possibly lot #.  Basically the color is purple, blue & black with white.  It is not a to die for color but it will work with parts of my wardrobe and that’s all that matters.  That and I am using stashed yarn and this didn’t cost the hubby any more money 🙂 which will make him happy and  I’m all about making him happy – most of the time anyway.  The pattern calls for 1.5 double points but all I had were 1’s so hopefully the fact that I tend to stitch a little loose will make up for the difference.  That or mom gets the socks since she’s the only one with littler feet than me 🙂


Another project that I have been putting off is taking up dress pants.  Yuck.  And that’s how I feel about it on a good day.  I tried the whole stitch whitchery (i’m sure it’s spelled wrong but you know what i’m talking about) thing which works by ironing on the sticky stuff and will hold the pants as long as you don’t wash them. Which I did.  Then the stuff starts letting go and the hem falls out and you have to wear really high high heels or stacked shoes and only part of the hem is hanging low and the rest is still holding and you just plain look funny. Which by the way is how I went to church Sunday and I was embarrassed at myself and now I am hemming the pants up by hand.  Of course note that it’s 3 days later and I am just now going to get to the hemming after I finish posting about it in the blog and if I don’t get sidetracked by something more fun or interesting (like cleaning the sink or floor or something).  It’s one of those chores that has to be done unless one continually wants to be playing with stitch whitchery and irons and I don’t, really I don’t.