I finally finished a calorimetry headband for myself.  The rest that I made were for gifts for Christmas so it will be nice to have one for me.  This was made using Sensations Angel Hair Stripes.

After making the previous neck wrap and liking it so much I made 2 more – one for Doug’s aunt and one for mom.  Mom really liked the colors in the one I was making for Doug’s Aunt and since it only used one skein of yarn I made Mom one with the remaining ball of yarn.  I used Lion Brand Tweed Stripes in Woodlands colorway.

Matching headband and neck wrap for me.  The wrap was made using 10 1/2 needles and by casting on 120 stitches and knitting in the round.  I made this one a little different by knitting the first 9 rows in an alternating knit, purl pattern (the last & first stitch were the same).  The middle rows were made by YO, knit 2 together across and ending with the knit 2 tog.  The last 6 rows were the alternating knit, purl  and then cast off.  You could adjust this pattern any way you wanted.  I used 2 skeins of Sensations Angel Hair Stripes to make both.

I’m thinking about socks now since I’ve really enjoyed wearing the ones I already have.  Although I probably won’t have them finished in time to wear this year as slow as I am with socks 🙂