Wednesday after Christmas we celebrated at mom & daddy’s.  Erik, Holly, Melissa, Joe was home from Elgin for the Christmas and New Year holidays, Jennifer, Louis, James,Misty, Eric, Kylie, Tory, Damon, Tim, Doug, Timothy, mom, dad & I were all there. There was plenty of food (always) and fun.

       For those who are unaware of Damon’s dislike of squirrels, our torture of him is just plain fun for us (except for when it comes to bite us in the butt like last year when he gave me the squirrel nutcracker and a bazillion bags of walnuts).  This year I gave him a small squirrel momento whereas Misty gave him a Squirrel board game (which we played and it was fun collecting nuts).

   We were also celebrating Louis’ 12th birthday which was that coming Friday.  It’s so hard to believe he’s already 12 they grow so fast!!  

Mom & Joe

Erik & Melissa