We celebrated Christmas at Donna & Tim’s on New Years Day.  They had been in Alabama visiting his family and we were glad to be able to get together before we had to head home to Georgia.  Joe, Jenn & baby Dominic, Kate & Rob, Doug’s Dad & Mei and her sister and Doug & I had a lovely time with Donna, Tim, Andrew & Noah.  Of course we had food which is always good and there were presents and of course picture taking which everyone loves.  Baby Dominic is getting so big and his personality is starting to come out.  He smiles and giggles and Uncle Tim even rocked him to sleep.  I loved getting time to play with him and I miss them all when we head back home.  It usually takes a few weeks to get back into home mode and stop feeling depressed about being away from them all.  Christmas just really does an emotional whammy on me I guess but it happens every year and I come out of it every year as well.