I can’t bear to try blogging while I’m vacationing there is just too much going on.  We hit the ground running when we got to Maryland the day after Christmas and did not stop until we got home to Georgia the day after New Years.   It’s a whirlwind ride and through the pics I get to enjoy my visits with family all over again.

I cannot believe Dominic was already over 3 months old at Christmas!! He is such a cutie pie and a very good baby.  Okay so all grandparents think their child is cute and good but Dominic really really is 🙂  We went shopping with Kate the Tuesday after Christmas and after we were through we stopped by and visited with Joe & Dominic.  Jenn was working and we didn’t catch up with her until New Years Eve 😦

Kate enjoys being an aunt and this was the first time Doug was able to see the grandbaby.  Joe is doing babysitting duty during the days when Jenn works and he doesn’t.  Dominic is such a happy little guy and played and talked (okay baby noises but he’s trying) and finally let his grandma (me) walk him to sleep.  It’s so nice to have a litty bitty to hug and cuddle and I miss the stink out of him now that I”m back home in Georgia.