I’ve finished another scarf and headband set for Christmas 🙂  Only one more to finish and mail which will not get there before Christmas 😦

Doug and I went to NC this weekend and I finished this cowl made using 2 skeins of Red Hearts Curly Q yarn in Calypso colorway.  It was made in the round 120 cast on stitches and the entire thing was worked YO K2 before final bind off.  It can be worn 2 ways. I totally love this and if it was going to be a present (originally intended to be another scarf headband set – my bad) it isn’t anymore 🙂  This doesn’t happen often. Usually I make something for me and wind up giving it to someone else because it just doesn’t quite fit me and will look wonderful on or for someone else.  Whatever, I’ve finally made something that fits my personality and I’m loving it 😀