We finally got most of the furniture – 2 lounge chairs won’t be her  until January but at least we now have places to sit.  All the furniture is brown with the exception of one chair that I picked out.  The room has been dubbed the poop room simply because everything is brown.  I will be adding color accents – count on it!!  The river rock lamp is gorgeous and heavy as all get out too. The gas insert was installed early last week too.  There is still painting to finish up one entire strip of chair rail to do and touch up everywhere but the room is everything we hoped for!


Douglas complained that the rocker recliner wasn’t tall enough for him to rest his head to which Doug (and I) both told him (at separate times) that the chair wasn’t bought for him (HA!).  I came from a family of rockers. At one time there was only one rocking chair at home and all four of us kids would fight over it.  If someone got up for any reason what soever you could count on someone else having jumped it in before the chair had a chance to cool off. It was just the way it was and the way we were.  Several times the chair fell over when there was a fight and several times there were at least two big butts occupying it at the same time. Memories. That’s why the rocker was bought.  I will have to share with Doug because he wanted a recliner and the rocker reclines too.


Between Doug’s and the boys work schedule and the fact I still can’t lift anything heavier than 5 lbs the kitchen is being unloaded excruciatingly slow. So far the only things that have made their way out is an end table and the tv which will be soon replaced.  I plan to move the love seat to the wall where the single chair is and vise versa.  The armoire which previously held the tv will be in the front and be used for storage. I love the wood and the piece is massive so it requires multiple bodies to move and I will not be one of them ever.


So since we aren’t leaving for Maryland until the day after Christmas and we will celebrate Christmas here I decorated this weekend with the help of Douglas’ girlfriend Adryan.  She loves to decorate and this is the first year since we have lived here (1999) that it has been fun to decorate.  The guys always complain about pulling boxes out of the attic and dragging it downstairs, assembling, etc.  There was still complaining but it didn’t seem so bad when there was someone else who was enjoying the process besides me.  I must admit that there was a bit of comedy involved.  I had totally (and so did Doug for awhile) that any Christmas stuff had been put in the upstairs attic.  We have attic storage on either side of the bonus room and that is where Christmas has always lived.  This summer however we had done some rearranging and Doug put some in the upstairs attic and said he would remember it was there and he would bring it down without complaining.  Only after we brought 2 big green trees downstairs and assembled one and threw out both because they were old, ugly and involved too much assembly (on one of them each stem had to be put on individually). I was sure we had a prelit green tree but it wasn’t in the attic and then I thought maybe I was losing my mind.  I had bought two white trees one 4 1/2 ft and one 6 ft (not really sure why I bought this one).  My hope was that the smaller one would go on a table over the entryway and be seen through the window there.  We put up and ornamented the 6 1/2 foot prelit tree.  The ornaments didn’t go very far and some were obviously missing when Doug remembered that he had indeed put Christmas in the attic.  So he and Douglas went up to the attic and brought down boxes of ornaments and you guessed it, they found the prelit 6 foot green tree.  Too late maybe next year.  We still haven’t found all the ornaments and the candle houses and the nativity scene that I painted in ceramics 30 years ago.  They are in the attic I’m sure and I’m also sure it is all going back in the attic in the bonus room this year.

Hopefully we will get the tables out from the kitchen so I can get Christmas set up on  them before it’s time to take it all back down and pack it up again….