The Native American Village was set up as if in the 1800’s and a working village.  Our guide was young and entertaining and interesting.  My interest in the Cherokee stems from my Great Grandmother Lydia on my mother’s side of the family who was of Cherokee ancestry.  Not sure if it was her mother or one of her mother’s parents who were Native American and my mom is out galavanting and not answering her phone so I can make this post more accurate 🙂  Anyway when our guide finished his part of the tour we were sent to the square to be told some of the history of the Native American Cherokee.  The gentleman knew his stuff and told us all sorts of things about the Cherokee that I had no idea of.  A sidebar note was that my GG Lydia looked Native American (Indians are from India we were told – Native Americans were from America) and my mother has the high cheekbones…well our hhistorian told us that one trait of NA is SARCASM!  So I may not even have a hint at looking NA but I have most definitely inherited and am well versed in sarcasm!!  It may not show on my outsides but just have a conversation with me and I will certainly show you my NA heritage – tada!!!

demonstrating beadwork beadwork demonstration 


pottery demo – she was using a river stone to shine and smooth the pot she was working on  

there was a system of waterways all through the village which were really cool too       

making blow gun darts which he demonstrated using later in the tour  

basket weaving    

making arrowheads & other weapons used by Native Americans     blowgun demonstration   

bear trap (which would have been 20 ft tall) , small animal & fish traps   

examples of housing for the cherokee – they lived in homes not in teepees since they were not travelers like some of the western tribes.   

later 1800’s cabin   this one had a sweat lodge across from it   late 1800’s home trout pond – they had three kinds – golden, rainbow & spotted   


canoe making      


council house