Shawn had his 13th birthday this year on Thursday and Brandy’s birthday is today.  We celebrated last night with Reese’s peanut butter ice cream cake.  Some of you may not know that on Kristopher’s first birthday his uncles Jason & Tim started a cake fight.  Over the years this has become a tradition not every year mind you but often enough.  It usually starts innocent enough – when someone get’s bored – and  turns into a full scale icing war.  This year was no exception and started when Kristopher decided his birthday brother needed to wear his cake.



Considering his being older and having a stronger physique Kristopher seemed to have won this battle until his dad and then his mom got in on the action.  Funny how Shawn seemed to stand on the sidelines while they fought the battle for him.  But then again he was wearing cake all over from his attempts to get even.  It was all in fun though and after the icing was cleaned up we were onto the present giving.


Doug says we need a new tradition  🙂