This past weekend was my Daddy’s 70th birthday.  Thanksmy sister, Misty Houghton Levasseur & my brother and sister in law Erik & Holly Houghton for handling all the preparations for food, invitations, etc.  They went above and beyond and did a fabulous job with everything.  A special thanks to Tim Frank for making the most awesome photo tree centerpieces for the tables.  A special thanks to Holly’s sister, Valerie Hall for getting the tables/chairs and for helping Holly with food and serving at Daddy’s birthday.  We all had a great time and we were able to see family and friends some that I hadn’t seen in 25 years!  It was a very special day and the only sad thing was that Doug wasn’t able to be there also but he did call and talk to Daddy during the party.   My nieces Melissa and Kylie helping with food before the guests arrived. Melissa is my brother Eriks oldest daughter and Kylie is my sister Misty’s oldest girl.

 Melissa me and Kylie

 brother Erik and his youngest James

 Daddy and  Christy’s husband George

Cousin Christy and my brother Damon


 Tim putting the centerpieces together.  The photos were each double sided – a lot of work!!

 one of the completed photo trees

         Mom’s only job was to clean house and here she is making platters with cookies…I can now say my disobedience comes honestly – it’s my mothers fault 🙂



 My brothers youngest daughter Jennifer

 Damon visiting with Holly’s dad, Mr. Hall.  Misty & hubby Eric are hanging lights in the background.

 Mr. Hall, Eric Levasseur, Valerie, Misty and Holly fixing tables. Daddy and Melissa

 Jennifer, Kylie and Damon putting balloons on the lions.

 Damon and I untangling balloons.  We finally left them together.  Damon & Kim -0  Balloons – 1

 Christy checking out the photos on the centerpieces

 Erik and me

 Kylie, Louis (my brother Erik’s middle boy) and Jennifer watching a movie under Mom & Daddy’s bed.  Don’t your kids watch videos under the bed too????

 Misty & Uncle George

 Damon and Uncle Bob (Christy’s Dad & Aunt Cissies hubby)

 The nieces: Jennifer, Melissa, Kylie and Tory (Misty’s youngest)

 Longtime family friends the Allen’s.  Mom, Larry, me, Janet Allen.  Mr. Larry is the one who got me to finish high school.  Miss Janet and mom were part of a group who started a preschool at the CSCUMC in Cape St. Claire when Damon & Todd Allen were little.  They are more like extended family than friends. Dad & Mr. Larry are always up to something when they get together 🙂

 Daddy’s family: Daddy, Uncle Bob, Aunt Cissie, George, Christy, Uncle George

 The Rawlings’: Mom, Mr. Fred, Daddy & Miss Jan.  Daddy & Mr. Fred grew up together and lived around the corner from each other in Annapolis.  I haven’t seen Miss Jan in over 20 years.  I used to see Mr. Fred when I was working at Colonial Florist before we moved to Georgia but that’s been over 12 years!!  It was soo good to see them again!!

 Brother Erik, brother in law Eric & Ray who is one of Daddy’s crazy neighbor friends 🙂

 Ray and his very pretty and sweet wife Una – yeah we can’t figure it out either – ha! take that Ray!!!  (he constantly gives me grief – it’s his job)

 Valerie, Doug Brissey, Miss Elaine & Dennis

 my Timothy & Bonnie – she’s so cute!!

 Todd Allen and his youngest son Nick.  The last time I had seen Todd was when his wife was pregnant with their first boy and Nick is #3!!

  Holly had Graul’s bakery decorate the cake to match the invitation. Nice job and it tasted great too!!

  blowing out the candles

  Todd, Damon, me & Tim…Tim & i are usually up to somethin’

 Todd & Damon

 The Levassuer family gave Daddy sky lanterns to Daddy for his birthday.  I wasn’t able to get good pics in the sky of them I haven’t figured out how to work all the functions on the camera.  But the show was nice and only one wound up in the tree but I had already put the camera away when it happened.

 Melissa & Kylie roasting marshmallows

 Melissa, Kylie and Ray & Una’s youngest Kaitlyn