Boy gets attacked by pitbulls:

Obviously boy manages to subdue the ferocious animals  🙂

Sadly many people are afraid of pitbulls and run or cringe when they hear the name mentioned.  Pitbulls are very strong dogs and not for those who are not willing or able to control them.  Mine unfortunately are totally incorrigible.  I really should have taken them to obedience training when they were small.  The do know basic commands and listen fairly well, right up until someone knocks on the door, at which time they totally lose their minds (and my control).  They bark and jump and want the visitor to pet their heads and love on them.  They are like precocious 3 year olds (who may need ritalin in the future) who are constantly tugging on pants legs saying ‘look at me, look at me’.  Where this is cute in 3 year olds…in pitbulls, not so much.  They do eventually settle down but are easily incited to riotous and rambunctious behavior with little or no provocation.  Fortunately my friends who do venture to my house are dog lovers and the dogs soon have said friend wrapped around their paws.  Of course the mail lady still makes me go outside to sign for packages with an ‘i’ll take your word for it that they won’t eat me’.  Ah, the pleasures of pits, not for the faint of heart.

Yes I know this is dogs on thursday but Spunky (left/black) went to stay with my grandkitty Nacho (orange/right) over the Christmas holiday while we were in Maryland.  Nacho thought Spunky was his Christmas present and Santa Claus had asked me to deliver him.  However, Spunky, old man that he is at 12 did not have the same feeling.  He spent the week hissing and running from Nacho.  When I got back Nacho asked for his present to be returned as this one was broken and did not play.  He would like a new one who doesn’t hiss.  Poor Nacho.

Ah here’s another puppy.  Reese is my sister’s basset hound which she got as a rescue.  Doug and I stayed with my sister at Christmas and Doug was able to see firsthand how a dog is supposed to act.  Reese is truly a calm dog.  Not incited to riotous behavior (okay sometimes she runs like a maniac but it doesn’t last long) or incessant barking.  Doug wanted to know why we couldn’t have one like her.  My sister has always had laid backed dogs.  Haley was her first basset ( a pound puppy she got while mom and dad were on vacation but that’s a whole nother story) and she was very calm and gentle.  Vegas the doberman while she could run like a maniac was really very calm and also gentle by any dobie standard.  And Reese, well she’s a doll and wants to sit in your lap, she’ll even warm the seat up for you before you sit down (much to my brother-in-laws dismay).  Reese is not allowed on furniture unless you invite her up.  Okay so she doesn’t always listen to this rule she really is very well behaved and oh so lovable.  Reese also allows you to dress her up (not unlike Wilbur) and she wore a pretty red and green scarf (which Wilbur would have hung himself when he went outside and rampaged through the vines and bushes) the whole time we were there without getting it messed up, losing it, dragging it, etc.

I’m going to let my sister pick out my next dog for me.  🙂

What is wrong with this picture???

Uh, yes, that is a cat, namely Cooper, who is sleeping on Reese’s dog bed and yes, that is Reese sleeping on the floor next to her dog bed.  It happens all the time.

Mean kitteh.

Poor Reese.

Happy Dogs on Thursday to you and your puppehs!!