One good thing about leaving your shutters open is that when the sky starts to lighten up you are immediately aware.  I went out on the balcony at 6:30 and took a few pictures while the sun was starting to rise and most of the rest of the world (including Doug) were still snoring and drooling  😉

it was so peaceful…no noise except the surf hitting the beach.  The waters were much calmer today since the stormy weather had passed through.

The birds were totally enjoying have the beach to themselves I’m sure  😉

Imagine my amazement when the gulls were swooping this morning and i totally by accident caught this picture.

Around 9am we headed to the gulf for swimming, floating and playing with the fishes who were nibbling at our toes.  Fun.  I could totally live here all the time, on the beach, floating in the gulf, forever.  Guess I truly am a lazy slug at heart, but I can live with that.

Where else can you go that even when the water is over your head you can still see your feet and what color nail polish you have on???  By the way, walking in sand is great for exfoliating your feet and chipping off your polish.  Glad I didn’t invest in a pedicure before I came but the soft tootsies is well worth it.

And then we finished the morning off in the hot tub.  I’m telling you I could so live this life *sigh*