Well it has been a long time since I’ve posted.  I had a camera that I hated so I gave it to my hubby and have been waiting to get a new camera, which I finally got.  I love love love the new camera and here are some pics of my newest ‘niece’ Reese.  When my sister, Misty’s doberman, Vegas had to be put down at the beginning of the year she went to a rescue and found Reese, a basset hound.  Shes small and very chatty.  I puppy sat her in April and she loves her Auntie Kim because she lets her sleep in the bed with  her  🙂  Reese’s mom and dad make her sleep in the doggie bed in the floor next to theirs.  Anyway, these are some pics of Reese….

Helping herself to snacks the girls left behind on the kiddie table  🙂

Had to include a pic of dad’s kitty, Jack too  🙂

The family went to the Houghton Family Reunion this past weekend.  There were doggies there too although I don’t know their names  😦  Anyway here are some pooches that are family or neighbors and they are having a great time with the kids and family too.

Next week we will be back with updated pics of Wilbur & Charlotte.  They are content with waiting to have their pics taken as long as mom gives the treats.  Tomorrow Charlotte goes in to have a couple more growths removed.  These are much smaller so hopefully there will be no precancer involved in their removal.  We will let you know when we get the results.  Until next Thursday, Happy Dogs On Thursday!!!