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Happy New Year to all! I haven’t blogged since the end of November and lots has happened since then! I worked madly (crazily) on a quilt for my sister-in-law Holly and shopped like a crazy woman while feeling awful but it all got done, I made my trip to Maryland for Christmas and life was wonderful and included a snowstorm!!! Hallelujah I’ve wanted to see snow for a while now and my wish was granted 🙂 It was beautiful, it was cold and it only lasted for a few days – perfect!!

The 17th Timothy and I headed to Maryland.  I stayed with my sister for the first week and hung out with the nieces and my favorite doberman, Vegas.  Friday Tory and I headed to Mom and Dad’s while Misty and Kylie went to the last day of school for the holidays.  Of course, Auntie Kim isn’t used to dressing little cherubs for the winter so this is what Tory looked like, she’s such a darling and is just too cute isn’t she?

That night the snow started and continued on until Saturday night, (I just love the statue of liberty hat Tory has on)statue of liberty Vegas romping in the snow.... neighbors playing while daddy shovels  :) Vegas loved romping in the snow the snow got deeper and deeper and deeper....

Misty and the girls back from sledding...

24 hours more or less and 21+ inches later

after the snowfall headed out for another day in the white stuff