Tory and I set out early to pick up Tim in Cape St Claire and head back to the eastern shore to Mom & Daddy’s to visit.

Here are pics of Sandy Point State Park on my way west over the bridge100_0707100_0708

Tory’s new word is ‘I stuck’.  It happens when she climbs on chairs and can’t get down or when she is in the car seat and can’t get out…she’s so funny!  I heard all the way over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and back ‘I stuck’  🙂  of course life was so much better once we went to KMart and she talked Auntie Kim into the big honking pink sucker her mommy always says no to…100_0710100_0711100_0713How could anyone possibly say no to this precious little face???

ps i bathed her that evening too and boy was she sticky  🙂

100_0716Brandy, Kristopher and Shawn came down to visit too.  I love when I get the grands together and get to hang out.  They are growing up so fast and I can’t believe Kristopher is in the 9th grade and taller than Brandy!!100_0720Mom, Dad & Tim…food is always involved in family get togethers!!