This post is not for the faint hearted.

Charlotte’s vet, Dr. Roseberry at Evans Animal Hospital called last Friday to give me the results of Char’s tumor removal.  She was stage 2 which is no longer benign but not cancerous either.

She went back in Tuesday morning to have the wound reopened and more tissue removed to hopefully ensure that no cells had moved into her body.  It was not a pretty sight and all I could do not to hurl in the vets office.  Poor baby girl has 21 staples in her butt (apparently she chewed out 2 of her stitches unknowingly to me) and her backside is all lumpy and bumpy to boot.

Wilbur, darling that he is, wanted to nap next to her when she came home and rolled over on her causing her to yelp and get him thrown out of the room and away from her.  She was very whiney when she came home which is totally unusual for her but by day 2 she was better and no longer crying.

Of course I’m trying to stay as far away from her incision so as not to hurt her but she keeps wanting to get close.

Here in the pics are Charlotte being excited and thumping Wilbur in the face with her tail (that’s what he gets for being all up her butt again).


2nd shot is Wilbur thumping his tail, check out that dirty nose…rotten boy.


and last but not least a pic of the incision itself.  Fortunately it’s no longer oozing but I still can’t bear to look at it even in a picture…yuck, poor baby girl!!!