The puppies, Wilbur & Charlotte and I have had a busy summer.

This is the first post in forever and includes my trip to Maryland to babysit Wilbur & Charlottes cousins, Cooper the cat and Vegas the doberman.  100_0316Cooper is a Hemingway cat and you can see his thumb which works to open doors, cabinets, etc just like our thumbs do.100_0292 He is oddly shaped, little tiny head and tail and big fat body, he looks like someone put together leftover parts but he is the sweetest kitty ever.  100_0307Cooper also has his own 55 gallon fish aquarium which he uses for entertainment.100_0317 Enough about felines already, this is Dogs On Thursday!!

Vegas has been feeling poorly and all things considered her momma, Misty (my sister) and I thought she would do much better in her own home and surroundings so I made the trip up to stay with her.  She has some sort of blood/liver disorder and is very skinny now.  100_5126She has a special diet of dog/people food now so that she will eat.  We are fearful that she won’t be with us much longer.  She sometimes has incontinence issues which leave her as distraught as the person doing the cleanup.  Poor baby.  Misty said she was looking for Auntie Kim after she left but I really didn’t spoil her while her parents were gone…really I didn’t  🙂  well not much anyway  🙂  we shared a bedroom and I let her stay inside maybe a little bit more than her mommy normally does.  She didn’t start climbing on the sofa with me until after her mom and dad came back home…honest!!!

Charlotte had surgery to remove 2 cycsts, one on her side and one on her butt.  100_0643Well it turned out that the one on her butt was a tumor so it’s been sent off to find out whether it is 100_0646cancerous or not, hopefully not I can’t imagine life without the baby girl!!!  Wilbur was all up her butt (literally) when she got back home from the vets. 100_0647 She has been very good not bothering the stitches on either place at all so she doesn’t have to wear the Elizabethan collar thankfully!!!  The puppies have been helping me to paint but I’ll save those pics for next week.  Hope everyone has a wonderful DOT!!